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September 28, 2023

Atlas Renewable Energy, founded in 2017, is a prominent player in the growing renewable energy industry in Latin America. With a mission to promote a sustainable future, the young company recognized the need to enhance its marketing strategies with the goal of increasing brand visibility, improving audience engagement, and boosting sales.

Castleberry Media emerged as the ideal partner to help Atlas achieve its objectives, thanks to our customized content solutions focused on establishing Atlas as a thought leader in the renewable energy industry.

Thanks to this collaboration, Atlas Renewable Energy has achieved notable milestones. During the content marketing campaign, more than seven thousand key stakeholders in the target audience consumed the content we created for the brand. These positive results indicate that our personalized strategies resonate with influential and important individuals in Atlas' target market.

The Story of Atlas Renewable Energy

Atlas Renewable Energy is a renewable energy sector company specializing in solar and wind energy generation. Founded in 2017, the company has established itself as a leading player in the clean energy industry in Latin America.

Since its inception, Atlas has been dedicated to developing renewable energy projects in various Latin American countries, including Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico. Its commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation has been key to its success and recognition in the market. Over the years, it has built and operated multiple solar and wind plants that provide clean and renewable energy to communities and businesses in Latin America.

Atlas Renewable Energy

Atlas Renewable Energy's focus on innovation and the use of advanced technologies has allowed its projects to be efficient and competitive. The company has developed integrated solutions that maximize renewable energy generation capacity, reduce dependence on non-renewable sources, and contribute to environmental protection.

In addition to its commitment to renewable energy production, Atlas Renewable Energy has also been recognized for its social responsibility and contribution to the community. Indeed, the company has undertaken sustainable development initiatives and worked closely with local communities to create economic opportunities and improve people's quality of life.

The Challenge Faced by Atlas Renewable Energy

Before its partnership with Castleberry Media, Atlas faced the challenge of establishing itself as a leader in the competitive renewable energy sector. As a relatively new company with a long way to go in terms of marketing, it recognized that thought leadership would be crucial to establish itself as an authority in its field.

Atlas aimed to reach an audience composed of high-level executives and key players in the Latin American energy sector. This target audience included CEOs, CFOs, and other leaders in companies with high electricity consumption. It also aimed to reach finance professionals in New York, Brazil, and other parts of the world related to renewable energy projects.

To connect with this demanding audience, Atlas Renewable Energy knew that it needed to execute a robust content marketing strategy.

Why Atlas Renewable Energy Chose Castleberry Media

In its search for a strategic content marketing partner, Atlas recognized the unique value that Castleberry Media could bring to help it achieve its goals.

At Castleberry Media, we use data and artificial intelligence to understand the interests of our clients' target audiences, and then we create, publish, and share valuable content that generates significant interest.

We have a team of engineers, data scientists, marketing experts, and writers who specialize in producing content that truly adds value. Additionally, we have specialized B2B tools that allow us to process and analyze data to make information-based decisions focused on getting results.

Atlas recognized that these capabilities could make a difference in establishing itself as a thought leader and authority in the field of renewable energy.

How Castleberry Media Addressed the Needs of Atlas Renewable Energy

From our initial interaction with Atlas, it was clear that the company needed a comprehensive content and thought leadership strategy to increase its visibility and position itself as a leader in the sector.

The collaboration began with a comprehensive understanding of their target audiences. Our first step was to thoroughly analyze the two main audiences that Atlas had already identified: key players in the Latin American energy industry and global financial experts related to renewable energy investment projects. The task was to effectively engage these two audiences.

To achieve this, we used our True Content platform to build these audiences and extract key insights into their interests and information needs. This allowed us to identify trends in the types of content that both segments regularly consumed.

With this information, we began creating content aligned with those interests. However, we quickly realized that the initial pieces lacked the depth and specialization needed to connect with Atlas' audience.

We decided that it was best to work with a specialized journalist. We not only needed someone well-versed in renewable energy in general but also a professional with specific experience in the sector. We made sure they thoroughly understood how the industry operates and all the terminology.

This change in approach had a real impact. The content we created improved significantly and became more engaging for the audience, leading more people to interact with it.

But we didn't stop at creating content; we also chose a content distribution strategy that could reach the target audience through specialized digital publications.

We opted for native advertising platforms that would publish content on more specific, finance-focused sites like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Financial Times to ensure that the people who really mattered to Atlas, such as financial experts and those interested in renewable energy, could see it.

Content agency for renewable energy business

This initial phase laid the foundation for our collaboration. As Atlas Renewable Energy and Castleberry Media progressed, we focused on growth and innovation. That's why we started offering backlink services to improve the brand's online presence.

"We noticed that Atlas received numerous mentions in the media due to its achievements, such as the construction of a new solar plant. However, we noticed that many of these mentions did not include links (backlinks) to Atlas' website, which is important for both SEO and connecting with the audience," said Isaac Castejón, CEO of Castleberry Media.

We began contacting media outlets that wrote about Atlas to add a link to their website. This way, we ensured that the brand's online presence was consistent and effective.

Subsequently, we started using Mindpath, an internally developed tool. With it, we discovered which companies were visiting Atlas' website. We focused on those that were important for Atlas' growth and created specific content on LinkedIn targeted at these companies. The goal was to maintain their interest in Atlas' content and gradually establish the company's presence in the minds of this audience.

In a second phase of work, we adopted a multilingual strategy. This decision was based on the need to reach a diverse audience and cover the target region. With content in English, the goal was to address the United States and parts of Latin America.

Similarly, we created content in Spanish for Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, especially Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay. Finally, we included content in Portuguese for Brazil, allowing us to effectively reach this large market.

Until 2022, our written content services, backlink strategy, and publications had greatly helped Atlas Renewable Energy improve its SEO ranking and be seen as a thought leader in the renewable energy sector.

However, we saw the opportunity to take the strategy to the next level with an initiative we have called "scaled content." The idea is to extract the maximum value from each original piece of content we create, such as in-depth interviews with Atlas experts.

Starting from a main piece, such as a long-format article or an interview, we create micro-content, such as carousel posts. We also extract snippets, shorts, and clips from these interviews for social media.

Our management extends not only to LinkedIn but also to platforms like YouTube and Apple Podcasts. Essentially, we are maximizing all the possibilities that arise from the original piece.

This approach aims to increase the impact of what we do. The goal is to be more precise and place Atlas Renewable Energy in the spotlight, without neglecting the other services that have worked for us so far: creating content regularly, studying audiences, acquiring backlinks, and publishing in specialized digital media. We have not replaced any services; we have added layers to maximize results.

The results

Content results

A successful collaboration goes beyond words and is reflected in tangible figures and concrete achievements. The fruits of our joint effort with Atlas Renewable Energy have left a significant mark in various areas.

These results demonstrate how our strategy and approach have propelled Atlas's success in the market:

  • 7,200 key stakeholders engaged: our tailored content strategy managed to captivate more than 7,200 decision-makers in the renewable energy industry. This figure not only reflects the effectiveness of our tactics but also how our content has resonated with key players in Atlas's market.
  • 2,000 target clients reached: thanks to Mindpath, we strategically directed our content to 2,000 companies interested in Atlas's services. This selective approach has increased not only awareness but also brand perception among these prospects.
  • Doubled revenue: during the time we have collaborated with Atlas, their revenue has doubled. While we recognize that multiple factors contribute to this growth, Castleberry Media has been a fundamental pillar in their marketing investment, especially in creating industry-leading content.
  • Over 300,000 total views: through an effective combination of SEO tactics and native distribution, we managed to accumulate over 300,000 visits to our content. This figure validates the integration of content across various platforms to further strengthen Atlas's presence in the market.
  • Gold Award at the AVA Digital Awards: our blog series for Atlas was honored with the prestigious Gold Award at the AVA Digital Awards. This recognition highlights Castleberry Media and Atlas Renewable Energy's commitment to delivering high-quality content backed by a solid focus on data and analysis.

These results not only speak of the shared success between both companies but also of the power of our strategy to drive growth and visibility in a challenging market. Together, we have exceeded expectations and set a standard of excellence in content marketing.

Why do companies trust us?

Companies from various industries have chosen to collaborate with us due to our proven expertise. We have helped these companies increase sales, seize business opportunities, and enhance their SEO positioning with our data-driven content marketing strategies.

What sets us apart from most of our competitors is our suite of internal tools and processes designed to place data at the center of our content decisions. This allows us to engage with B2B audiences and achieve excellent results.

Content marketing is ideal for companies because it:

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Increases audience engagement
  • Boosts website traffic
  • Educates the audience on relevant industry topics
  • Offers competitive advantages
  • Enables data-driven decision-making

Are you ready to empower your organization with data and content strategies?

If you want to achieve results similar to those of Atlas Renewable Energy, feel free to contact our sales team. We are ready to help your company stand out in your industry and achieve success through thought leadership and content marketing.

At Castleberry, we assist brands in persuading their audiences through content marketing. To better understand how we support the growth of medium and large enterprises, please contact us here.

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