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How does it work?

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The Perfect Place

We place an image and the headline of your content on publisher websites visited by your target audience.

Interés de la audiencia

The Perfect Moment

We capitalize on your audience's genuine moments of interest to drive traffic to your content hub.

Análisis de contenidos

The Right Audience

We segment your audience based on behavior, interests, demographics, company and location to make sure we are driving the right audience to your content.

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Benefits of distributing content with Castleberry


The right traffic

Drive the right audiences to your content by leveraging our ability to segment and attract audiences while they are browsing online.

aumentar tráfico web


Genuine audience interest

Capture genuine moments of interest from your audience, driving only interested people to your site.

Persuadir audiencias


Draw interest and engagement

Unlike advertising, our content is seen as part of the publisher's site and content. This makes it less intrusive, and more likely to be clicked on by the right people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of distribution does Castleberry work with?

We mainly use native content distribution. This allows us to exhibit the content on different publisher sites without being intrusive. It also means the people who click on the content are actually interested in the content and not mistakenly trying to close a pop-up.

Where will my content be published?

The content is published on your corporate site and is owned entirely by your brand. What we do, is we use a variety of digital platforms to show the headline and the image of your content on different media publishers in order to drive visitors to your site.

How do you know the content is reaching the right audience?

We use several techniques to segment the audience by interest, location, page context and demographics (we also target specific companies, when applicable). When measuring results we only take into account the people who actually find your content relevant and click through to see it.

How are the results measured?

Our distribution results are measured using our client's own Google Analytics account.

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