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Mindpath helps you accomplish the big goal of positioning your B2B brand, with no need for human intervention ... everything happens automagically!

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Get the most out of your time. Mindpath works while you sleep by positioning your brand in the mind of key decision makers.

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Real Automation

Set it up once and relax, Mindpath is true automation at scale.

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Machine Learning

The Ai behind Mindpath learns about your company, specializes in your audience, and does its job more efficiently than a human.

Let Mindpath do the job for you

How does it work?

Remember, everything works automatically:

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Mindpath Identifies potential clients for your company and understands what information they are interested in.

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Using the content you already have on your blog, Mindpath creates content paths to persuade potential clients and position your brand in the mind of decision-makers.

Distribución nativa de contenidos

Mindpath sets up and launches content campaigns automatically targeting key roles at potential clients.

Distribución nativa de contenidos

Mindpath measures every effort, learns what performs best and optimizes the campaigns to get better results over time.

Mindpath uses your content to position your brand with minimum effort required, you set it up once, and Mindpath does the rest.

Why enterprises need to put their content to work automatically!

of business decision-makers prefer to get company information from a series of articles versus an advertisement.
B2B PRSense
of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally.
Sirius Decisions
B2B buyers say online content has a moderate to major effect on purchasing decisions
CMO Council
of marketers attribute their success to marketing automation
Startup Bonsai
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Mindpath is designed by a team of content marketing specialists, data scientists, programmers, and engineers using Ai to provide a real automated solution that allows Marketing Teams to get results at scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

What kind of company is this for?

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The product is for B2B companies that have at least 25 evergreen blog posts on their corporate site and are looking to use their content assets in order to position their brand and drive more sales.

How are ICPs identified?

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You select the criteria for your ideal client profile with parameters like industry, number of employees, revenue, location, and pages they visit. We identify the companies visiting your corporate website and also analyze Intent Data on the web to filter potential clients according to your specifications.

Do I need to have a separate budget in order to distribute the content?

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Yes, we recommend at least a 200 USD a month budget in order to show your content to the right B2B decision-makers. You can set your budget directly inside our system.

Can I edit the campaigns before they go live?

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Yes, Mindpath uses Ai and automatically configures the campaigns according to a set of variables, but you can edit them if you feel, the budget, content, or copy out, need to be modified.

Will I need to determine which contents are best suited for my audience?

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No, Mindpath will automatically select your best content according to a variety of factors including time on page, # of visitors similar to your audience, and the topics of interest. You can nevertheless change our recommendation before the campaigns are launched.

How will my content be shown to people at the selected companies?

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We use Linkedin Campaigns in order to show your content to targeted decision-makers and position your brand in front of the right audiences.

What do you mean by automation?

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We want Marketing teams to have a solution that truly works automatically 24/7. Mindpath takes care of doing every step of the process, thanks to the Ai and Machine Learning technology behind the software.

You'll be in good company

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"Our primary goal with Mindpath is to make life easy for marketers by ensuring they target the right audiences and position their brands while they focus on something else.”
- Isaac Castejon, Director at Castleberry.

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