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Power, Reach & Control

Power to Influence

By creating valuable content at scale with Ai, the virtual influencer can impact audiences in line with what they want to know.

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Reach the right audiences

The tailor-made virtual influencer is able to engage with your audiences on multiple channels like Reddit, Linkedin Groups, Quora, etc. No need to expose your brand.

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Control the speech

Your communication needs will be aligned with what the influencer communicates. Avoid reputation problems and increase your credibility.

Sit back and don't worry about a thing.
We use Ai and other technologies to:

Build the virtual influencer for your company from scratch
Study the audiences to know what topics they are interested in
Train the Virtual Influencer with Ai to position itself as an expert in your industry
Allow the Virtual Influencer to participate in multiple channels and groups

Channels where your next Virtual Influencer can participate

Why a virtual influencer?

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Fits into your Company

We analyze your brand and the industry trends to create the influencer that impacts your audience with the right content.

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With Ai and Data, the Virtual Influencer can generate content at scale, on trending topics, with multiple formats, the right tone, and for multiple channels.

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A virtual influencer is dynamic, flexible, and controlled. Its speech can be limited to what the brand wants to communicate. It's less susceptible to errors, delays, and reputation issues.

Create my B2B Virtual Influencer

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

What is a Virtual Influencer?
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It's a virtual character that is created with a specific profile. Our virtual influencers, through the use of Ai, are able to interact with audiences in the same way that a real influencer does.

What kind of company is this for?
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The service is for B2B companies that want to position themselves as experts in their industry, or those that want to carry out specific marketing campaigns through a virtual influencer.

Does the Virtual Influencer belong to my company?
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The influencer is owned and managed by Castleberry, but specializes in your company and industry.

It is also exclusive to your company, which means, it cannot work with other companies in your industry. We run the service this way because it allows for editorial independence, cost savings and the ability to participate in online groups and niches without having to be tied to corporate messaging.

Does the Virtual Influencer publish only what my company approves?
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No, we believe that for the influencer to be successful and engage organically, it must post content with high frequency, in large amounts, and aligned to what audiences want to learn.

Each influencer therefore, has editorial independence, and will be able to post content across the internet. The content however, is checked by a human before it is posted to ensure compliance with our standards. Your company only has to approve the posts and articles related to your products and services.

Are you ready to position your brand as an expert?

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