Successful content is based on a data-driven strategy

We use data and artificial intelligence to build personalized content strategies for medium and large corporations.

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How do we build a
content strategy
that generates results for your brand?

We study the audience's online behavior to extract content insights

We analyze what audiences read, ask, share and comment to understand their digital content consumption.

Our True Content® platform allows us to build a custom audience for  B2B brands.

We identify the Content Territory for the brand based on the data

Once we've collected the data we carve out the topics and subtopics your brand should be engaging with and the topics to avoid.
We define the content strategy for the brand
We determine the verticals, formats, distribution channels and KPI's for the content strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

What needs to be considered for world-class content?

World-class content starts with the data that enables a deep understanding of your audience. Buyer personas are unfortunately not enough and can often lead companies astray. We believe in combining our clients insights and data with real world information about what their audience consumes and talks about online.

What are the first steps to begin a content strategy with Castleberry?

The first step is a workshop where our clients can share their customer journey, details about their products and services and specific goals they hope to achieve through their content initiatives.

How do we generate specific content for each stage of the customer journey?

Our content strategy details the verticals, topics and formats that allow you to move your audience through the customer journey.

Will Castleberry help me figure out how to structure the content on my corporate blog?

Yes, our strategy will indicate how to organize the content on your site according to the content verticals and blog sections.

Data, AI & Content Marketing

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