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Our environmental initiative


At Castleberry, we believe that a world full of useful content benefits all parties. From companies that position themselves as experts by publishing content to audiences that consume content to learn and be entertained.

We are a company that creates technologies and services to help companies persuade their audiences with content that generates value for them.

Analyzing data, creating content, and positioning it are initiatives with a carbon footprint affecting the planet.

We must do our part to collaborate with reducing climate change, which is why since the beginning of 2022, we have been working on calculating our carbon footprint and planting the equivalent in trees to counteract our environmental impact.

iniciativa ambiental
Iniciativa ambiental montañas

How Does it Work?


Once we identify our carbon footprint, we purchase carbon certificates to offset our environmental impact.

What are carbon certificates?
• Carbon certificates are certified reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG).
• They are acquired to comply with international emissions standards.
• They are an international mechanism for environmental compensation.
• They represent a source of forest crop financing and avoiding deforestation.

1 certificate = 1 ton of CO2 offset
One carbon certificate is equivalent to approximately six trees planted in the Colombian territory and the carbon captured in 12 years.

In our case, we decided to be a carbon-positive company, buying more certificates than necessary to offset our impact.

By the year 2022, we will plant a total of 60 trees, equivalent to 60 tons of CO2.

Medusa en el agua
tortuga en el agua

How do we calculate our environmental impact?


Castleberry, as a 100% remote company, does not generate a carbon footprint like a company with physical workspaces.

To become an environmentally responsible company, we researched the energy consumption of each of our products, services, and processes. Also, we made sure to include all the tools or production equipment necessary for our work, from computers to storage space in the cloud.

For this, we partnered with Fenalco, a recognized company that helped us to corroborate and calculate, with the help of experts and professionals in environmental engineering, the carbon footprint of our operation.

plantando arboles
cuidado del planeta

our environmental initiative

How does it work?

How do we calculate our environmental impact?

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We use data and artificial intelligence to create a custom strategy for your brand.

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We create specialized and high-value content for your audience using experts and AI.

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We give your content greater reach, persuading the right audience at the right time.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is Castleberry?

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Castleberry is a company that creates technologies and services to help companies persuade their audiences with content that generates value for them.

Can Castleberry help my company produce carbon-neutral content?

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At Castleberry, we base our content marketing services on this environmental initiative. We are responsible for the planet and our clients by producing valuable content that persuades audiences while taking care of the environment.

Is the environmental initiative certified?

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Yes, the environmental initiatives, and all the steps behind them, are certified by Fenalco. Our commitment to caring about the planet is fundamental to our mission as a company.

What kind of content does Castleberry produce?

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We stand out for generating different types of content: articles, e-books, guides, white papers, infographics, playground videos, infographic videos, and stop motion videos.

Your content strategy with consciousness about our planet

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