We help corporations persuade audiences with Content Marketing

We use data, artificial intelligence, and a proven methodology to produce the right content for the right audience

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We are highly specialized in Content Marketing

Our services range from the creation of the content strategy to the distribution of valuable content


Content strategy

We use our proven methodology to develop a data-driven content strategy.

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Content works

Content works is the business unit where we analyze audiences and produce expert content that matches their interests and behaviors.

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Mindpath uses your content to persuade B2B buyers who show intent signals on your website, by using artificial intelligence to select your best content and automatically build campaigns at scale.

Distribución marketing de contenidos

Virtual B2B influencers

We build virtual B2B influencers for companies that want to persuade B2B decision-makers, control the communication with them, and position themselves as experts in their industry.

How does it work?

Inteligencia artificial marketing

AI, data & strategy

We use data and artificial intelligence to create a customized strategy for your brand.

Producción de contenidos

Content production

We create specialized, high-value content for your audience using experts and artificial intelligence.

Distribución nativa de contenidos

Segmented distribution

We give your content greater reach, by persuading the right audience at the right time.

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What our customers say

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"Working with Castleberry has been very enriching. We discovered how artificial intelligence is applied to content, something new and revealing. A way to use science in our content strategy to guide us based on numbers and real facts. I recommend working with Castleberry; they are a true partner."

bancolombia banco
Ana María Mejía
Grupo Bancolombia | Relationship Marketing Management VP Corporate and Government Banking

"Castleberry is an efficient company. They have shown the ability to contribute to the achievement of the objectives, thanks to their ability to read the strategy and translate it into a content marketing campaign. We have a strategic ally, which means we can continue growing together."

Felipe Roldán
Oikos Storage | General Manager

"Castleberry has been a strategic ally for Finesa, not only to build valuable relationships with our target audience but also to understand market trends, needs, and consumer expectations. We work with them as a real team, through which we co-create for the client's benefit."

Dinyer González Hernández
Finesa | Director of Marketing, Culture and Communications

"Castleberry is a responsible company with a fresh and flexible team. They have an interesting differential which is AI applied to content and to the understanding of audiences. I highly recommend them because their work is, without question, of the highest quality."

team foods logo
Juan Camilo Aranguren
Team Foods | General Management

"Castleberry has provided us with excellent quality deliverables, a proactive and creative team, extensive expertise in audience analysis, content production in different formats, and specific outreach strategies for our target audience. I would recommend Castleberry 100%."

bancolombia banco
María Stephania Rugeles
Grupo Bancolombia | Innovation Communication

"Castleberry is for Carvajal Espacios an ally with whom we have been able to grow and create our content strategy. Their wonderful team, innovative and always willing to try new ideas, has allowed us to innovate as well, from artificial intelligence to the way we engage our target audience. Undoubtedly the best investment."

bancolombia banco
Maria Alejandra Meza
Mepal | Design and Marketing Director

Find out how one of our clients achieved 29% growth in sales by using our services

With our content strategy and content works business units, our B2B client obtained:

+1.200 contents analyzed with artificial intelligence
+75.000 unique visitors to their content
29% sales growth
8% growth in EBITDA
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Featured e-book:5 examples of content marketing in banking

Learn about the content marketing strategies and tactics of banks like JPMorgan Chase, Citibank and Bank of America, and how they use content to drive business growth.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

What is content marketing and how can it benefit my business?

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It is a marketing strategy that seeks to create, publish and share valuable content that generates high interest to your buyer persona. Content marketing can be a differential tool for persuading your audience to take a desired action.

How does Castleberry use data and AI to help companies execute content marketing initiatives?

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We scan the web to understand better your audiences, their behavior, the contents they share, and their interests. We then process the information using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to extract valuable insights that allow us to build the correct type of content for your audiences. This translates into more influence and higher conversion rates for your company.

Is Castleberry a digital agency?

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Strictly speaking, we are not a digital agency. The core of our products and services is content marketing for medium and large companies. We don't run advertisement campaigns or do social media management.  

What type of content does Castleberry produce?

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We create different types of content for our clients. We produce articles, e-books, guides, research papers, white papers, infographics, playground and infographic videos, and podcasts.

Does Castleberry work with small businesses?

The short answer is no. We have different plans that typically suit medium and large corporations.

Data, AI and content marketing

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