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We believe that a world full of useful content benefits all parties. From the companies that position themselves as experts by publishing the content, to the audiences that consume the content to learn and be entertained.

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About Castleberry

Castleberry is a company that creates technologies and services to help companies persuade their audiences with content that creates value for them.

We are using data to make thousands of business decisions. Content decisions should be no different. - Luisa Echeverry - Director of Castleberry

Our team consists of data scientists, programmers, account managers, engineers, administrators, designers, journalists, editors, data analysts and marketing specialists.

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What we believe

We are not victims of circumstance
When faced with problems, we don't look for blame, we look for solutions. We are people who triumph in adversity and do not allow ourselves to be defined by our environment. We are NOT victims of circumstances, we always look for the opportunity in every challenge.

Failure is part of the game
We understand that innovation and success go hand in hand with failure. We understand that failure is part of achieving important things and that without it, we would learn little and care little. Failure is the spice of success.

We are a high performing team. Working at Castleberry means being a high performer.
We understand the responsibility we have to our clients, their audiences and our own team. We are like a great professional football team, where everyone does their part to win games and tournaments. We have a winning attitude, we are pilots not passengers.

We treat everyone well. We are empathetic with our colleagues, we treat those we hire well, and above all those we lead.
Treating others badly to get them to do their jobs is not part of our culture. Treating others poorly means that person cannot be part of the Castleberry team. Respect and teamwork are at the heart of our organization.

We put our customers first . We always seek to deliver the greatest possible value to our customers.
We think like brand and business owners and put ourselves in our customers' shoes. When in doubt we remember that our responsibility is to the customer and their well-being. If we take care of the customer we will always have opportunities to grow as a company.

We are Rigorous
We are people who always go the extra mile to deliver more value than expected. Our deliverables are excellent, with attention to detail and a deep understanding of our customers and their context.

We challenge the status quo
We don't take things for granted. We know that things have been created by people who also get things wrong and we are able to question and propose new ways of doing things. We work with our eyes wide open.

We believe in ourselves
We are optimistic and have the self-confidence to think big and drive the company towards new challenges. We believe we are capable of great feats.

Data, AI & Content Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

What is Castleberry media?
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Castleberry creates technologies and services to help corporations persuade their audiences through Content Marketing.

Where does Castleberry offer its services?
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We offer our services in North and South America. Our clients however, are global companies and use our content wherever they do business.

What is Castleberry's sustainability policy?
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We are working towards becoming a carbon neutral company by the end of the first trimester of 2022. We currently offer our customers the ability for their content production emissions to be offset by Castleberry without extra cost.

Do you offer work-from-home opportunities?
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Yes, our entire team has worked remotely from the very beginning, and we plan to continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future.

How can I work with Castleberry Media?
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At Castleberry we are constantly growing and rely on talented individuals to provide the best service to our customers. We share our job openings on our LinkedIn page.

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