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We document valuable spaces with experts from your industry to create content at scale, in different formats, and for various channels.

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What is content at scale?

Content at scale is a content marketing strategy that allows B2B companies to save time and expand their brands.

"Content at scale eliminates the burden and complexity of content creation. It is a service that caters to the needs of multiple companies looking to increase their online presence without the burden of constantly creating quality content from scratch. This allows them to focus on other aspects of their business while we take care of everything related to content."
- Isaac Castejón, Director of Castleberry

Advantages of Content at Scale


We reduce client workload

By 90%. We document, produce, and publish the content. The only requirement from the client is to attend the monthly editorial committee and participate in the interview.


We increase brand awareness

From a single documented original piece, we produce multiple content pieces to distribute across various channels. The more exposure, the more people will see the brand and make purchases.


We publish what the brand wants to communicate

We reduce the discrepancy between how the brand wants to convey its message and how it is actually communicated. The words used in the content are the words of the brand expert.


We leverage organic reach

We take advantage of the organic reach of LinkedIn and the changes in the YouTube algorithm.


We keep the brand top of mind

We reach out to intermediaries who spend time on the internet and impact them with enough frequency to become their most important brand.


We use data and AI

We find insights and data that help us understand our audience and tailor the interviews and content to their information needs.

Increase brand exposure and positioning

Improve brand reach

How does it work?

Creation of artwork and designs
We create design templates for each piece of content corresponding to different formats. The templates are pre-approved by the client.
The design templates to be created depend on each content format. This includes artwork such as covers, intros, posts, among others.
Documentation of pillar content
We conduct interviews and meetings with industry experts to document the pillar content.
· Recording interviews, meetings, or other valuable sessions with industry experts.
· Use of special recording tools that ensure recording quality.
· Creation of the pillar piece from which scalable content is derived.
Extraction and adaptation of content
We extract and adapt different types of content from the pillar piece, in long, medium, and short formats, for distribution across various channels.
· Extraction of content in audiovisual, auditory, textual, infographic, and other formats.
· Adaptation of pieces for different types of distribution channels.
· Inclusion of standard artwork to use with each content format.
Content distribution
We distribute the content across different channels to increase its reach.  
Some of the distribution platforms include Apple Podcast, Spotify, iCloud Podcasts, YouTube, LinkedIn, Medium, Blog, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube shorts.

What content formats are extracted?

Long-format video

A video that compiles the complete interview. It includes all the questions and answers.


Adaptation of the interview into audio for distribution on various podcasting platforms.

Blog post

Transcription and adaptation of the interview into a Q&A-style article format.

Playground video

This video format combines visuals with the audio of one of the most relevant parts of the interview to create visually appealing content.

Mid-length video

An excerpt from the interview that addresses one of the most relevant parts. It has an approximate duration of 3 minutes.

Short video

An excerpt from the interview that addresses one of the most relevant parts. It has an approximate duration of 45 seconds.

Post quote

Inclusion of an important quote from the interview in a post format.

Carrusel post

This content format presents some of the most relevant points from the original interview in a storytelling format. The carousel post is an effective way to share content in a visual and engaging manner.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

Are the interviews virtual or in-person?

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The main goal of Content at Scale is speed. Based on this premise, it is recommended to conduct the interviews virtually.

What about content creation?

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Content creation and documentation serve different purposes. It is recommended for companies to pursue both initiatives.

What do I need to start with Scalable Content?

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First, the support of your team and company. Second, an open website and social media accounts. Third, the willingness to pursue this initiative.

How is the success of this initiative measured?

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For blog posts, indicators such as the number of organic visits and average reading time are used. For social media content, indicators such as engagement level, number of new followers, impressions, among others, are used.