We create expert content for large and medium corporations

We develop content that takes into account the value proposition of your brand and the interests of your audience.

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Benefits of producing expert content powered by data

posicionamiento de marca
It helps position your brand as an expert in the mind of your prospects.
Beneficios marketing de contenidos
Keeps the relationship between the customer and the brand alive.
beneficios producción de contenidos
It offers an incremental return on investment since every content is a digital asset that helps to educate new prospects.

Our formula for producing content

We use experts to make sure the content is top notch

>> They belong to the industry and/or target audience of our clients.
>> They accompany the content creation process from the very beginning.
>> They review content for relevance and accuracy.

We align the content with the nuances required to engage your audience

>> We run tone and sentiment algorithms to make sure we hit the right balance.
>> We run readability test to ensure it matches the level of the audience.
>> We make sure the content is well structured for digital consumption.

We use data and analytics to generate the best content for your audience

>> Search Intent
>> Topic Analysis with AI
>> Competitor and Benchmark Tracking
>> Content Consumption Monitoring

We produce different types of formats according to the needs of the audience and the brand

Articles | E-books | Guides | Whitepapers | Infographics | Playground Videos | Infographic Videos | Podcasts | Case Studies | Research papers

Step 5

We develop content for the different stages of the buyer journey

From top of funnel content to drive awareness, to bottom of the funnel content that drives conversions, we make sure your content marketing is driving the results your brand needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

What kind of content does Castleberry media produce?

We build different types of content for our clients. We typically produce: articles, e-books, guides, research papers, whitepapers, infographics, playground videos, infographic videos and podcasts.

Who owns the content that Castleberry develops?

Our clients own 100% of the rights of the content that we develop for them.

What types of industries does Castleberry work with?

We work with most industries. Our methodology takes into account the use of experts, data and seasoned writers to ensure our content is accurate, relevant, and industry specific.

Data, AI & Content Marketing

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