How US Century Bank can Scale its Content Efforts with Minimum Resources

Content Marketing
May 15, 2023

Content marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses build their brand, increase customer engagement, and generate leads. However, creating high-quality, relevant content that resonates with the target audience can be challenging in any organization. That's where the "Content at Scale" methodology comes in. This methodology (created by Castleberry) provides businesses with the tools and insights they need to create a large volume of high-quality content that resonates with their audience. In this article, we'll explore how US Century Bank can leverage "Content at Scale" to create a more effective content marketing strategy.

The Power of Content at Scale

The "Content at Scale" methodology emphasizes the importance of creating a vast amount of high-quality content that caters to the interests and needs of a business's target audience. This methodology relies on data analysis tools to identify the topics and themes that resonate with the target audience, it uses the businesses own knowledge and provides a framework to position the brand in several digital channels.

What is Content at Scale?

Content at Scale is a methodology we developed at Castleberry that allows businesses to develop multiple pieces of content from a single "pillar" piece of content. Through this methodology, businesses like US Century Bank can expand the reach of their content strategy by creating diverse content across multiple channels without breaking the bank (pun intended).

How does it work?

First, we analyze our client's audience using our in-house analytics tool. This helps us understand what the audience reads, shares, and talks about online. This allows us to view the content types, topics, and pain points that resonate best with the audience. We then generate content ideas based on these insights and present them to the client.

The next step is to record interviews or roundtable discussions with experts who can speak intelligently on the subject. These interviews are not about the services and products the client, or in this example, the bank offers, but are actually about the interests of the audience. The idea is to act like a media company that brings the audience the most value possible.

Once those interviews are recorded, we then break them into several clips and content pieces that fit the large span of channels the bank uses.

What types of content can be developed?

We can extract as many as 22 pieces of content from a single 1-hour interview. These include quote posts, carousel posts, mid and short-form videos for different platforms, articles for the blog, and podcast episodes.

What resources does US Century Bank need to implement this strategy?

This strategy requires about 8 hours a month from the marketing team. Ideally the bank can also provide experts within the bank that can participate in the interviews/roundtables. Each interview is about one hour long. 

How are these interviews developed?

The interviews are developed virtually using special software to ensure sound and visual quality. The process is easy for US Century Bank, who simply has one of their experts connect virtually for the interview. Castleberry conducts and records the interviews.


What kind of things can be documented?

Using the Content at Scale methodology, we can record a variety of topics and discussions, such as:

1. Expert insights and opinions on industry trends and challenges.

2. Case studies and success stories from US Century Bank or its clients.

3. Product or service demonstrations and explanations.

4. Thought leadership discussions on relevant subjects.

5. Company culture, values, and behind-the-scenes insights.

6. Q&A sessions addressing common questions or concerns from the audience.

7. Collaborative discussions with partners or industry influencers.

The key is to focus on valuable content that resonates with the target audience and showcases the company's expertise and unique offerings.

How do we ensure that it reaches the intended audiences?

To ensure the content reaches the intended audiences, the following steps are taken:

1. Distribution channels: The content is published on the client's website, blog, and appropriate social media channels. These channels are chosen based on where the target audience is most active.

2. Targeted content: The content is specifically shown to audiences by taking into account their interests and preferences, as identified during the audience analysis phase. We do this by targeting specific companies and roles.

3. Engagement monitoring: The performance of the content is monitored in terms of engagement levels, organic visits, and view time. This helps in understanding the effectiveness of the content and making any necessary adjustments to the content strategy.

4. Holistic analysis: The success of the Content at Scale methodology is evaluated on a month-by-month basis, considering the overall results of all the content pieces rather than focusing on individual content performance. This approach ensures that the content strategy remains effective and aligned with the client's goals.

In summary, what are the main advantages of the content at scale methodology?

The key advantages of this content marketing strategy are:

  • The ability to produce high volumes of content, which increases brand exposure.
  • Fast execution due to minimal back-and-forth approvals.
  • Accurate representation of the expert's words, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation.

This leads to increased sales and a stronger brand position. This approach is becoming increasingly popular for B2B brands, as it allows them to produce valuable content for their target audience at scale.

The Bottom Line

Overall, "Content at Scale" is a powerful approach that can help US Century Bank create and distribute valuable content to its target audience with minimal resources. By leveraging the expertise of internal subject matter experts and a dedicated marketing team, the bank can produce a high volume of accurate and engaging content that resonates with its audience. We hope to be able to aid the bank in this endeavor. 

In Castleberry Media we are commited to taking care of our planet, therefore, this content is responsible with the environment.

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