Meet Mateo Meo, the First ‘Virtual Influencer’ Speaking on Satellite Connectivity in Brazil

March 21, 2024

Brazil - March 21, 2024—Castleberry, a company leader in using data and artificial intelligence to create strategies and digital content, today announces the launch of Mateo Meo, a revolutionary ‘virtual influencer’ developed with artificial intelligence dedicated to inspiring communities, businesses, and governments on issues such as access to connectivity, space and technology, and advancements in the universe.

Mateo Meo is a virtual character with his own personality, voice, and distinctive look. He was designed to connect with people and provide valuable content about his passion for space and the universe. More than just an “avatar,” Mateo is powered by advanced AI technologies that allow him to interact smoothly and naturally on social networks like X and TikTok, and his own website,

“At Castleberry, we are exploring the frontiers of content creation by developing virtual influencers like Mateo, capable of captivating and inspiring audiences through immersive digital experiences,” said Isaac Castejon, Director of Castleberry. “Mateo combines the best of artificial intelligence and storytelling to offer a new way to share knowledge about science, technology, and space.”

Through posts, videos, and articles, Mateo Meo will cover topics ranging from the latest technological advancements, the impact of satellite technology on communities, to the mysteries of the universe. His content is designed primarily to entertain, educate, and inspire his growing follower base in Brazil. Additionally, fans can interact directly with Mateo, asking questions and sharing their interests and knowledge.

Mateo Meo is already active on X (@mateo_meo) and TikTok (@mateo_meo), where he shares his unique perspective and opinions. People can also visit his website,, to access all his content and subscribe to receive the latest updates.

“I’m excited to join the digital world and share my passion for knowledge with people everywhere, especially in my home country, Brazil,” Mateo Meo said. “The universe, technology, and its connection to Earth are fascinating, and I hope to inspire others to explore and learn along with me.”

The launch of Mateo Meo marks a milestone in the creation of virtual influencers in Latin America and moves toward increasingly realistic and immersive digital experiences. Join Mateo on his channels and get ready for an exciting journey through the universe, science, and innovation.

About Castleberry Media

At Castleberry Media, we believe that a world full of useful content benefits everyone, from companies and individuals who position themselves as experts by publishing their content to the audiences who consume it to learn and be entertained.

Castleberry began exploring virtual influencers with Olivia, a virtual influencer expert in B2B Marketing and business who shares her knowledge and connects with audiences in the digital marketing world. Now with Mateo, the spectrum expands not only to a new market, Brazil, but also to new topics for people and companies interested in connectivity, technology, satellites, and the universe.

Through solutions like virtual influencers, Castleberry is redefining the way brands connect with their audience.

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