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January 21, 2022

For corporate editorial teams developing new content, there are three primary factors to ensure top-notch content:

1) assigning the right writer for the job,

2) performing adequate and in-depth research into the subject,

3) making sure the content is of the highest quality.

If these factors are not met, you risk publishing content that doesn’t connect with your target audience. Join us as we dive into the importance of optimizing the editorial process, explaining how you can identify the best writer for a job while ensuring your content is high quality.

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How True Content Can Optimize Your Editorial Strategy

Every publication has its own voice, style, and audience it caters to. For example, newspapers like The New York Times primarily publish straightforward and matter-of-fact news articles to keep the public informed about what is happening in the world on a daily basis. The New York Times isn’t geared toward a specific demographic—it covers a wide variety of subjects and can be enjoyed by people of all genders, races, ages, and ethnicities. Conversely, other publications are geared toward a more niche audience. For example, GQ is a monthly magazine written for men, covering lifestyle, health and culture topics that men might be interested in. Both The New York Times and GQ are respected publications, but they have different styles, serve different purposes and connect with different audiences—just like the writers themselves.

The strengths of one writer on your team will differ from the strengths of your other writers, and it’s crucial to assess and understand these differences so that you can maximize everyone’s abilities in implementing an effective editorial strategy to best connect with your audience. To help editorial teams make the best decision when assigning a new piece of content to a writer, we first did research into the engagement rates of different writers with different audiences.

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By analyzing the top 300 articles (based on the highest share and engagement levels among readers) from publications like Harvard Business Review, we noticed patterns among the best performing writers. We found that certain writers consistently performed better (or worse) than other writers with the same audience. With this in mind we developed the Match a Writer tool within True Content® to give teams a concrete tool to use in
identifying and assigning the best person in the company for a given writing job.

True Content Tool

Although one of the traditional ways to choose a writer is to guess who would be best suited for a given article based on their experience and strengths, the Match a Writer tool provides you with a more concrete tool in assessing your writers, including new ones, and seeing what audiences they are most fit to write for.

The tool will ask you for your target audience for the given piece you are assigning, which could range from C-level executives to mid-level management. You can then upload five pieces of writing for each of your writers that you are considering for the job. The tool will process the pieces to compare the writers and tell you who is best suited to write the piece for the target audience, who is second best suited, etc.

If none of your writers are good options for the project, you can contact us and we can help you find a writer better suited for the assignment. The tool offers an in-depth look at how strong each writer is in a variety of criteria, including imagination, openness, sympathy, trust, assertiveness and more. This provides you with a precise look at how well each of your writers would connect with your target audience, allowing you to pinpoint the right person for the job.

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After the piece is written by your assigned writer, you can also use the Content Analyzer tool within True Content to analyze your text and optimize it before publishing it for your audience.

We’ll measure tone, sentiment and readability level, and compare it to the best articles in the world so you know how it stacks up against similar pieces. These tools provide you with a valuable look at the potential impact of a piece on your target audience before you publish. By identifying and assigning the ideal writer for the job, you will cut down on time spent revising work, ensuring you deliver the optimal style and tone when you publish.

Our tools help you and your writers improve efficiency, enhance accuracy, and speed up the editorial process—all while maintaining a high standard and delivering the ideal content that your target audience engages with.

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