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Architecture and Design companies need to adapt to the new digital landscape. Their clients are increasingly digital and demand new ways to interact and learn online.

Here are some of the benefits that a content marketing strategy can bring to architecture and design firms:
01. It allows architecture and design firms to reach out and build good relationships with their specific B2B audiences with relevant information and valuable content.

02. It helps architecture and design firms leverage their expertise and reputation in the field, which is key to:
- Start new conversations with B2B prospect clients.
- Build trust in current clients.

03. Based on the customer's search journey, content marketing enables architecture and design firms to solve industry-related search queries from their audiences.

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Working with some of the top brands in architecture and design

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What do our design clients say about us?


"Castleberry is a flexible team, with a vast experience that produces avant-garde content."

Gigi Polo
Dauphin Americas | Design Director

"With Castleberry we have improved our content, reaching our prospects and clients with robust high quality content.
Furthermore, alongside Castleberry we have been able to use artificial intelligence to identify content trends and enrich the articles, videos and infographics we create. Castleberry is an ally and we recommend them because of their excellent service."

Sarai García
AEI Spaces | Marketing Coordinator

Samples of the content we have produced for the architecture and design industry

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Frequently asked questions

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What is content marketing and how can it benefit my architecture and design firm?

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It is a marketing strategy that seeks to create, publish and share valuable content that generates high interest to your buyer persona. With content marketing, architecture and design firms can achieve objectives such as:

- Build customer trust and loyalty by providing valuable information related to the industry.
- Raise awareness of their brand and position themselves in the minds of prospective clients.
- Increase traffic to their website and attract potential clients.
- Position themselves as experts in the industry.

How can Castleberry's data and artificial intelligence improve my content strategy?

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At Castleberry we create audiences, as specific as required by the client, and we analyze the digital activity and content consumption of these audiences to understand what interests them. Thus, with our artificial intelligence, we examine what are the best types of content and topics that can generate greater interest and engagement to our clients' target audiences.

What makes Castleberry the ideal content provider for my architecture and design firm?

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At Castleberry we are experts in producing content that generates value. In addition to having unique content marketing tools such as True Content® and Mindpath®, we have extensive experience working with companies in the architecture and design industry, both in the American and Latin American markets. Furthermore, we work with a team of writers and experts specialized in creating content for these types of companies.

Whether you're a brand looking to elevate your content strategy or a professional seeking to join our dynamic team, we’d love to hear from you. 

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